First Freestanding ED Completed outside Mobile City Limits

Mar 6, 2020 | News

This article originally appeared on Medical 汇丰国际线路检测中心国际线路检测中心 and Design’s website.

A 22,000-square-foot freestanding emergency department has recently been completed by Hoar 汇丰国际线路检测中心国际线路检测中心 for Infirmary Health in Saraland, Alabama.

The $11.6-million Mobile Infirmary Emergency Saraland features 11 examination rooms, a trauma room, a triage room, an in-house laboratory and connects to the existing imaging department complete with MRI, CT, X-ray and ultrasound equipment. It is the first emergency room in Mobile County located outside the city limits of Mobile.

This is the second structure the general contractor has built on the campus. The new building connects to the existing Infirmary Medical Plaza, which Hoar completed in 2017 and houses Diagnostic & Medical Clinic Northside and Industrial Medical Clinic Northside.

During the construction process, the team added an acre to the retention pond, a helipad and a new entry for ambulances on the southside of the property.

Hoar started working on the project in the spring of 2019, with Evan Terry & Associates serving as architect.



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